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I was thinking about being humble today, humility.  It is not that I believe we should never tell anyone the things we support, but I do believe that the constant “I’m doing this” or “I’m doing that” poses a bit as “look at me” syndrome.  I am not in the habit of saying what I do with the resources God has given me to be a helping hand in this world.  Honestly, it saddens me so very much that so many people need others’ praise for doing good in this world; this is not everyone, but I know a great deal of those who need the attention.  Just remember, if you are thinking this is you, evaluate how often you find the need to tell someone how you are being of service in some way without a goal in mind other than a pat on your back.  I am more than thankful for every single hand reaching out and helping their community in some way, I am just saddened that so many need praise for doing so.  Thank you for serving in whatever capacity you serve and please remember these are just my feelings poured out on a page.  These words are not to harm, but to help us all think about what we say and do.  Be well and thank you.

I lost track of the time and found life.

I found life and denied passion.

I found passion and denied the sun.

I found the sun and denied warmth.

When I found warmth I was left cold.

Cold lived here awhile until I found you, but will you stay.

Will you stay until time no longer matters?

Until the sun caresses our skin,

Until passion overwhelms us both,

Until warmth radiates through us,

Until the cold is left standing alone,

Will you stay?