I would post my CV or resume here, but that only tells you a glimpse of who I am; if you want to know about that part of me visit me on LinkedIn.  Otherwise I am a God-fearing woman driven to love people, advocate for change, share my experiences when needed, and leave this world better than when I entered it.  I love to write, to read, travel to new places, take risks, explore as much as possible, photograph simplicity, and share ideas.  I am opinionated and stubborn.  I look like an athlete and I strive to live up to that, but find myself lacking most days; I do love to swim, bike, and run though not in that particular order.  And even though I’ve been in the Army for 18 plus years I am not a hardened soul and am what some would call overly sensitive.  The truth is we all have a story and mine well…maybe I’ll write about it.

Take time to dream and pursue those dreams; there is no reason life has to be so thought out that you can’t move on because the next step is not laid out in front of you.  Let your dreams, your faith, your love be your guide.

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